The Encounter

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In a cauldron of persecution, slavery and dehumanizing Roman power – two lives collide. A sweeping saga of intrigue, conspiracy, faith, courage and love – The Encounter has it all; a clandestine plot to silence prophets and those who would upset the status quo. It is a story where pride and shame wear different faces, but hide the same condition. The Encounter will capture your imagination, touch your heart and will reveal the power that grace must play in all our lives.

"Inspiring, and challenging - a powerful story with twists and turns that are totally unexpected."


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The Encounter is an imaginative but realistic story, enriched by spiritual overtones and positioned in historically recognized situations. The book is relevant for non-Christians as well as for Christians. This is a skillfully crafted work of art.  ​

Bunbar Abston – Professor of English, Rhodes College Memphis, Tennessee

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Chip Smith weaves a compelling story of fact and fiction around familiar biblical figures in great need of redemption. What a great way to introduce Jesus to those searching for their heart’s desire as they come to their own crossroads.

Jan Lichterman – Women’s ministry, Hope Presbyterian Church

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I read Encounter and enjoyed it immensely.  It was very interesting in following a familiar story from scripture The plot was complex but easy to follow.  I was always eagerly anticipating the next turn of events. I especially enjoyed how you cast some new light on the name of the woman caught in adultery.

The story showed the agony and pain as a result of betrayal by someone you trust, but also showed the path of redemption means of God’s Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness. It was a very moving story.   


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I don’t normally read Fiction set in Bible times. I get the impression that the authors seem pinched or creatively restrained trying to make the story fit into an historical Biblical framework. The result is a bunch of trite words and sentences thinly strung together culminating in a predictable outcome.

‘The Encounter’ had none of that. The stories were original, interesting, the characters, captivating, honest, relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and, as with most good books, I couldn’t put it down and was sad it was over when I finished.

M. Miller