Cranston Manor

Cranston Manor by Chip SmithFront cover

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Lizzie Carter, a young woman from Southern California, accepts a position as governess to a family in Wickersby, England. What began as a way to put her recent divorce behind her, dramatically turns her life upside down. The revelations about her own life and her position at Cranston Manor propel her into a century’s old mystery and potential disaster. Follow Lizzie throughout her compelling story, which ends not in the Cotswolds rolling hills and thatched roofs, but in France and Italy, and a conspiracy designed to destroy her, and those she comes to love.

How Lizzie managed all the turns in her life amazed and thrilled me"


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An enjoyable read for me during a winter storm. I was taken away to different parts of Europe while the snow mounted outside my window. I now want to plan a trip to visit the places that Lizzie went. The spinning plot kept me wanting to read ahead to find out what happened to the characters.
Peter S.
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I really enjoyed this book for several reasons. I was drawn to it when I read it was about an American woman moving to England. On our short visits to England, Scotland and Ireland, we were so impressed with the natural beauty of the countryside and the down-to-earth friendly people we met. We plan to visit those countries again someday.

This book was filled with intrigue, history and good characters. The descriptions of the characters made it easy to imagine them as real people. The pace was swift. I also appreciate the good storytelling without explicit or obscene language. It was refreshing.
Terry C