The Assignment

The Assignment By Chip Smith Book Cover

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A fashion reporter for the Boston Herald, Bonnie Sheridan, gets the assignment of a lifetime to go to Britain and cover the fashion icon, Wallis Simpson, lover of the future King of England. Little did she know what the implications for her life would be. As she becomes a free-lance journalist, Bessie finds love, scandal and danger as she is propelled across the world in perilous times. From Boston to London, to the Bahamas and beyond, Bonnie’s life is nothing she could have ever imagined.

"Deadly Fashionable subtitle hits the mark"


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A fast-paced novel in a time when good and evil were easier to identify. Bonnie shows true courage and a keen intellect and loyalty in the most desperate situations.


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The stories, the settings and the characters fit together so well. This particular time and place, England, Europe, pre-to early WWll is full of cultural and political twists and turns, and Chip takes full advantage. The characters are people you would like to know. I would love to see some sequels.


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The Assignment is a great little cozy mystery. The story line is engaging and keeps you wanting to see what happens next.  The first few sections read more like a series of novellas rather than having the continuity of an actual novel.  Having said that, it still retains an interesting flow and the humor and intrigue is enough to keep you entertained. The ending makes you think there might be a follow up to this story which would be nice to see what happens with the main characters next.  All in all, a fun and interesting read.