Double Edged Sword


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“Set Europe ablaze” was Churchill’s command. Surely, he didn’t plan on using a society girl to that end, or did he? Follow Laura Ayers, an upper-class girl, on a mission that defied her upbringing. Experience her shocking discovery that completely changed her understanding of who she was. Sometimes our friends can become enemies, and enemies become friends. Knowing when to trust and when to run can get complicated. For Laura, that is an understatement. Live through the danger her complicated discovery would create for her and for those she loved.  

"This makes you read the book without stopping from beginning to end."


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England in World War II is the setting for Laura, an upper-class woman, who having sustained two  personal relationship tragedies, finds herself a spy on the front lines of the war.  There she is entangled  in a third  relationship far beyond anything she could have imagined.   This fast-paced adventure story places Laura into some of the real and crucial historical events of WWII while also unraveling the truth behind her tragic relationships, and the mysterious “Double Edged Sword” of the third one.”  The plot moves rapidly, almost too quickly at times, but there is adventure at every turn.

Ron S.

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Double Edged Sword by Chip Smith is a drama and action story which takes you back in history to the time of WW II and the events which took place across Europe in England, Germany, France and Norway. It is also an amazing fiction tale in which the heroes of different nationalities, but having so much in common, unite their efforts in fighting against Hitler and the Nazis.  Fast action, suspense, incredible adventures of main characters show their courage, love as well as both tragic and happy moments in their lives – this all makes you read the book without stopping from beginning to end.  When you have finished reading it you just hope the author will continue the saga of the heroes in his new book.


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WWII is a very different story from the English and European perspective than what I learned in American History. Chip covers it accurately without casting aspersions on either side. I especially love the strong, brave female characters. More adventures with Laura and her family would not be a miss.

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As an avid reader of mystery novels set in Europe prior to WW2- reading one during the heights of the war was interesting as the author subdued the magnitude of the war itself it into the background. It was very subtly written and I really enjoyed following that along through the book.

The author did an amazing job of grounding you in the world of the characters. You only know what the characters know, when they know it. And as soon as you think you figured it out- there would be a completely different twist! I am still reeling at the final few sentences of the book and can’t wait to read more from this author to figure out the mystery on the last page. Like I said, allow yourself to follow along with the characters instead of solving the mystery/mysteries you encounter. 

I highly recommend this book of mystery, love, murder, power, peace and then the biggest mystery of the book- left unsolved- like a double edged sword. It’s a fast read where you can easily read all the way through on a nice afternoon and he ready the next one. It’s also a book that could share with others, like my niece or a colleague, knowing it’s modest in all the right situations. A++

S. Izadian